Multiple Craigslist Search
Monitor eBay, Kijiji, Oodle Classifieds and more...

TinkOMatic helps you search and monitor deals on multiple classifieds, auctions, and job board sites.

You can do real-time search on eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, and Oodle - but the real value comes in if you don't find what you're looking for: Save the search within the TinkOMatic dashboard for future monitoring, and your results will get refreshed everytime you access TinkOMatic.

  Search multiple sites at once
  Track in one place multiple types of items across different sites and locations
  Easily view new listings as they become available
  Define advanced criteria to filter what you're exactly looking for
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The voice-over in this video was produced by our friend DJ Boggs
Voice Overs, Audio Production, and Radio Advertising.
In The News
"TinkOMatic aggregates and monitors searches for items, cars, rentals, real estate, and job listings.
Currently TinkOMatic pulls from eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, and Oodle.
You can use the site to conduct a real-time search, but the real value comes in if you don't find what you're looking for. Save the search within the TinkOMatic dashboard for future monitoring"
"The tool you use to snake out the competition on just about any classified item - whether it's a classic car, bike, house, job - you name it"
   Mashable Spark of Genius series
"In this economy, everyone is looking for a good deal. Startup TinkOMatic allows deal-hunting consumers to search and track classifieds or auction sites for multiple items at once, all in one location."
"Tink O Matic is all in one search site if you looking to do some deal and job hunting. [...] if you don't find what you're looking for, you can save your searches for later, and see updates when the searches start pulling results."
   Revision3' Tekzilla - Website we just can't get enough of
"Best "DEAL" and "JOB hunt" search in a long time. [...] Simple and intuitive, you'll be amazed, as I was/am how well this site will work for you"
Tips and Updates
03/20/2011 - We've updated the video for importing RSS feeds, and effectivly allow you to run and monitor multiple craigslist search.
09/12/2010 - We're now supporting Indeed and SimplyHired. Happy job hunting!
05/02/2010 - craigslist is now supporting selecting multiple neighborhoods in real estate and rental searches. Changing your craigslists' search widgets in TinkOMatic is easy: Click on the craigslist link at the top left corner of the search widget you'd like to modify; tune your search on craigslist; copy the RSS link location at the bottom left of the craigslist search result page; go back to TinkOMatic and update the RSS feed location via the Personalize window.
05/01/2010 - Advanced queries are now supported on craigslist: Type "ipod -red -green 32GB OR 64GB OR 120GB", select "also search craigslist (opens new window)", and click search; and you'll find ipods that are neither green nor red and with 32, 64 or 120 GB capacity.
04/18/2010 - We've implemented User Voice to get your feedback in a more efficient manner. Tell us what you think.
04/04/2010 - We've reworked the user interface in an effort to make it more intuitive [tell us what you think!]. We've also added support for
12/12/2009 - We've added support for over 300 additional US locations as well as major areas of Canada.
12/11/2009 - You can define advanced search criteria directly when typing your search - for instance you can type a query such as your_main_query keyword1 or keyword2 or keyword3 -keyword_to_exclude1 -keyword_to_exclude2.
12/04/2009 - The Kijiji public RSS data feed -which TinkOMatic is using for doing searches on Kijiji- has been retired by Kijiji in the US. It is still working in Canada. We've inquired with Kijiji; and are looking into alternatives.
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